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The MudFund Cyclocross Program
The MudFund Cyclocross Program

Ride With Us! 
Support the Journey of Team USA Cyclocross through the mudfund


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Cyclocross MudFund

The MudFund is a restricted fund of the USA Cycling Foundation (USACF), USA Cycling’s non-profit fundraising arm for U.S. National and Olympic Team athlete development.  The MudFund was created to raise money for year-round support of cyclocross athlete development and competition support.  The focus of the MudFund is cultivating grassroots efforts, opening the development pathway to elite level competition and empowering our athletes to win at the highest level.  


Why Cyclocross?

  • Cyclocross is one of the fastest growing cycling disciplines in the USA
  • Grassroots events are accessible in both urban and rural areas
  • Sensible format for youth and family participation
  • Accessible entry point for youth and collegiate athletes
  • Provides cross-participation pathway between cycling disciplines
  • Encourages tactics, skills and comprehensive athletic growth
  • Engages broad range of participants from all abilities and backgrounds
  • Cyclocross provides unique integration of star athletes with the broad community


Why MudFund?

  • Non-Olympic sport: No funding from the Olympic Committee thus MudFund supports all programming and National Team Coach position
  • Accessible CX development opportunities are key for young athletes pursuing all disciplines of cycling
  • High-level race support is crucial for performance from our top athletes who lead the way for the future generations
  • 10 of USA's 34 Tokyo Olympic long-team athletes developed critical competition skills in cyclocross in their formative years
  • USAC Foundation MudFund is the primary source of funding for CX

The Pathway

The cyclocross Development Path


MudFund support begins at the local and regional level where opportunities are provided through training, racing and education.  Riders are invited to travel to regional development camps and to attend regional and national competitions. Riders can then gain the opportunity to join the National Team to compete in European events and World Cup.  

The Purpose

We are building.....


  • A better future for cyclocross by empowering and inspiring the next generation of American riders through holistic and comprehensive education and development
  • A culture with progressive, competitive and engaged structure to incentivize participation and sustainability 
  • Success through sustained programming that offers our nation's top athletes consistent opportunities to compete against the world's fastest riders
  • Leaders in cycling, leaders in community and leaders for healthy lifestyles  





2019-20 Update


  • 68 athletes attended 3 regional Talent ID Camps
  • 21 athletes participated in the first USA Cycling National Development Camp in Bentonville, AR covering skills training, strength and conditioning, mental health, sport psychology, SafeSport, clean-competition, team-building and marketing/brand-building education
  • 15 athletes participated in USA Cycling's first "MudFunded" European training camp prior to World Championships
  • 40 total athletes participated in supported programming 
  • 61 total days in Europe 
  • 974 total supported athlete days  
  • Focused, well-supported program established cohesive culture among athletes and stable environment for progression
  • Domestic programming provided equal positions available for men and women
  • Maddie Munro 3rd-place World Championship podium finish at first-year of Junior Women's category  


CX World Championships
2022 in the USA

With the UCI Cyclocross World Championships coming to the USA at Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2022, American athletes have the rare advantage of a home-court World Championships.  The MudFund will be instrumental in helping Team USA achieve the goal of reaching the podium in all of the six categories of the competition held atop Milsaps Mountain.   Team USA will rely on MudFund support to maximize our performance for the home crowd. 

Your Gift 


Your gift will support....

  • Opportunities for junior riders to learn skills, strategy, sports science, nutrition and community engagement at Regional Development Camps 
  • Education and training opportunities for top development athletes in preparation for high-level competition
  • International trips based out of the USA Cycling Team house in Sittard, Netherlands, with racing opportunities at World Cups, World Championships and other high-level events held in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and other European locations 
  • Funding for the Cyclocross Manager position at USA Cycling to implement development programs, guide domestic racing, and direct the National Team


How to Give to the Mudfund

  • Gifts to the MudFund are made to the USA Cycling Foundation
  • USA Cycling Foundation is a not-for-profit organization
  • Gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible
  • Gifts may be mailed by check payable to USACF to this address: 
    • USA Cycling Foundation, 210 USA Cycling Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 
    • Memo: MudFund


Click here for on-line giving


Gifts of Stock, Securities, Private Stocks or Wire Payments are also accepted.

For more information please contact Steve McCauley at 719-201-2348 or 


Foundation Mission

The mission of the USA Cycling Foundation is to assist USA Cycling in its efforts to create and implement consistent and sustained development programs for young American bike racers – we support the future of American bike racing. 


The MudFund receives no federal funding or subsidies and operates solely through private donations from individuals, corporations and other foundations.